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Adrift on the River of Dream

"In those days we were young and proud; we thought we could learn all there was to know of the River and its mysteries. Looking back, I cannot imagine how we could have been so foolish, for the River is vast and deep. No man may find all of its secrets, and the price for the few that we did catch was far higher than I wanted to pay.

"Come now, follow this path and find the truth for yourself. You will see a world gone mad with terror and brutality, and the whimpering end of all things. But, if you persevere to the end, you may also see the dawning of hope, and the birth of what must be. Now is the time of troubles, and now is the time of heroes."

-- Words of Thomas, The Knight of Stars

Adrift on the River of Dream is the core sourcebook of spirituality, magic and dream for Tribe 8. Inside, Weavers and Players alike will find all the information they need to run spiritual and mystical campaigns, as well as new rules and extensive information on Synthesis, Sundering, Dreaming, Technosmithing, Ritual, Spirits and the River of Dream. Adrift of the River of Dream includes:

  • Extensive guidelines for using, weaving and understanding Synthesis;
  • A cosmography of the River of Dream, including the various Orbs and Spheres;
  • Rules and guidelines for making rituals, Dreaming and Spirits a major part of a cycle;
  • New information on Guides, Heartstones and the interaction of the Z'bri and the Great Architecture;
  • Many new groups and locations;
  • Eight new Aspects, two new Technosmithing formulae, a dozen new rituals and three new Sundering Aspects;
  • New spiritually-oriented Perks and Flaws.

Adrift is the Fourth Interlude in the Conquest story arc.

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"The winds have become much cooler as of late. Although we should be experiencing the warm winds of summer, all I can feel is the chill bite of death. If one looks to the north, past the smoldering ruins of Bazaar, you can see dark storm-laced clouds gathering. When the northern winds blow, I can smell the sweat of war and faintly hear the sound of metal against bone.

"While we continue arguing with the outcasts, the stirrings of war surround me. My sleep has been haunted by the voices of the Dead. Something is terribly wrong. Blood is calling for Blood. The Liberation is not over."

-- Sarah Verkin, Yagan Old One

Following the destruction of Vimary, an uneasy peace is trembling between the Nation and the Eighth Tribe. Koleris Warbands and packs of Gek'roh run rampant across the remains of Vimary, and Westholm has become a fortified and isolated town. When the calm begins to fracture, and refugees arrive bringing news of war, the leaders of the Tribes and the Fallen must take arms again against distant enemies as well as those much closer to home.

Revanche is a complete cycle for Tribe 8. Its Quests and Acts chronicle the gathering-in of the Nation and the Fallen, and an end to three generations of Z'bri tyranny. Rising up in battle, the armies of the Nation and the Fall sweep across Vimary, taking back what is rightfully theirs. Revanche includes:

  • four complete Quests and many side plots;
  • Detailed information on the next phase of the Tribe 8 metaplot
  • New NPCs and templates, useful for any Cycle
  • Revanche is Volume Four in the Conquest story arc.

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"Yes I know her. She is my sister. Upon the Wall she became blood-of-my-blood. That is what you can never understand, who were not there, every man and woman who stood upon the Wall is blood-of-my-blood. On the Wall we died and were reborn a new Tribe."

-- Alya the Knife, speaking of Yasmin Luther'on

The Liberation that began with the fall of the H'l Kar spreads out, catching all of humanity up in a war against their greatest enemy -- the Z'bri of Capal. For the first time since the World Before, humanity stands united and ready to take back their lives, their spirits and their world. Now is the time of Prophecy, and now is the time of the Eighth Tribe.

Liberation is the concluding volume of the Conquest Cycle, bringing the epic story of the Fallen and Tribals' conflict with the nations of Z'bri to an epic close. Five Quests detail the War of Liberation against Capal: The City of Hate, and the new alliances and enemies that will shape the future of the world. This sourcebook contains:

  • Five full Quests, and dozens of hooks for further adventure;
  • Many new NPCs, beasts and Totems;
  • New information on Boarhead's Confederation, the Sanjon Keepers and a glimpse of the Mistresses of Hattan.

Liberation is Part Five and the culmination of the Conquest story arc.

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Capal Book of Days

"To stand here, in this city, is to be overwhelmed by destiny. It means realizing what the Eighth Tribe is truly capable of and the raw potential each of us has locked in her soul. It means embracing tomorrow for all that it is: dizzying heights as well as shattering setbacks. To be in Capal is to fulfill prophesy."

-- Alienor of the Clarion of Destiny

The Capal Book of Days is the core sourcebook for Tribe 8's new setting, the Rising Star of Capal. The city is detailed in all its promise, glory and danger, providing a wealth of opportunities and ideas for cycles set in the new center of the Known World. Capal provides an excellent opportunity to begin a new chapter in your Tribe 8 game, with new characters taking the place of the old, or as the first installment for new Player Circles.

This book includes:

  • a history of the Nation of the Fall since its inception after the Liberation of Capal, told by those who created it
  • details of the city, from august High Town and the slums of Low Town to the bustling Waterfront, and then beyond the walls to the lands outside, from the dangerous Spires to the suburban Riverside
  • numerous maps of the city, and a dazzling new look at the Known World snapshots of the powerful Cells of the Eighth Tribe that control the destiny of the new world
  • expanded character generation to allow Players the option to make Tribals, Keepers, Squats, Serfs and Children of the Eighth Tribe

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Convention Book: Progenitors

Heart of the Union

The Progenitors hid far more depth than anyone, Tradition or Technocrat, realized. Too long considered by others -- and even themselves -- as lab monkeys and cloistered researchers, their protective cocoon of isolation was ripped away by the Dimensional Anomaly. Forced by cataclysmic events, the Progenitors are injecting themselves back into a sick world.

The Union's surgeons and chemists have made their diagnosis, and it scares them: the Technocracy's diseased and about to tear itself apart. Traditions keep peddling snake oil treatments to a populace yearning for an easy fix. And there are worse things out there, cancers on the world. So the Progenitors must take the only sensible action: arm up and prep the OR.

A World Infected

The Masses are gobbling up the ideas behind biotechnology, medical advancements, cloning, and neurochemistry -- nearly everything from the Convention's bag of tricks. But the world is still full of scared people looking for magic pills to make all their problems go away. The members of the Technocracy are no different. But now the Progenitors are in the mix, frantic trauma surgeons elbow--deep in unwilling patients. Convention Book: Progenitors updates Mage: the Ascension with 21st century medicine, biotech, and desperate idealism.

I was a contributor on this title.

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Convention Book: Syndicate

Advocate to the Masses

Of everyone in the Ascension War -- Traditionalists, Nephandi, and even other Technocrats -- no one gets humanity quite like the Syndicate. The Convention of Cash doesn't try to change people, and it doesn't have the hubris of believing it should make the Masses "better" as its fellow Conventions do. No, the Syndicate knows that the status quo keeps the world safe... and keeps them in the penthouse. The Syndicate distributes money and Primal Energy through the Technocratic Union, and that gives it power over the Union's policies. But that might not be enough to prevent the New World Order and others from crippling the Masses worse than the Traditions ever could.

A World Occupied

Between the lows -- hypereconomics backlash and market crashes -- and the highs -- crowdfunding and the reputation economy -- this is an interesting time to be in the Syndicate. Convention Book: Syndicate updates Mage: the Ascension with fresh 21st century ideas of the Convention everyone loves to despise, in ways that will change how you see them.

I was a contributor on this title.

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Convention Book: Void Engineers


The Void Engineers are hiding something. They've traded many of their ideals for guns, turned vessels of peaceful exploration into mobile defense platforms, and -- most frightening to the Union -- forged themselves into an organized military. They've kept the rest of the Technocracy grounded as they fight a mysterious war beyond the boundaries of Earth against adversaries too heinous to name.

As much as that's tearing the Technocratic Union apart, that's the only way it can be: only the Void Engineers can defend Consensual Reality from horrors beyond. For only they can stand before what lurks out there, hungry to return to Earth.


The world beyond Earth has changed much in fifteen years, and not just from the Dimensional Anomaly. The Engineers have been forced to adapt to a Void growing ever darker. Convention Book: Void Engineers updates Mage: the Ascension with fresh 21st century ideas of the starfaring Convention -- once filled with hopeful explorers and rebellious dreamers, now scarred by their secret war.

I was a contributor on this title.

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Don't Read This Book

Down a lonely alleyway, under a starless sky, lies a city that never was, yet is: the Mad City, where nightmares walk the streets, and a good night's sleep can get you killed.

Here, then, is a book from that place. Within these recovered pages are the tales of the Awake, insomniacs who've walked those perilous streets, bringing a bit of the power of dream with them to fight back the night--always at a terrible cost.

For many, it will not end well. For a few, they might just become heroes--or at least find their way back home.

For you, a choice. Turn away. Don't read this book. And maybe you'll continue to rest easy. Or open the cover and enter a world unlike any you've ever dared to imagine...

Edited by Chuck Wendig and featuring the stories of...

  • Stephen Blackmoore
  • Harry Connolly
  • Rich Dansky
  • Matt Forbeck
  • Laura Anne Gilman
  • Will Hindmarch
  • Mur Lafferty
  • Robin D. Laws
  • Ryan Macklin
  • C. E. Murphy
  • Josh Roby <-- that's me!
  • Greg Stolze
  • Monica Valentinelli

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Smallville Roleplaying

Based on the ten-years-running superhero soap opera Smallville, this game mixes the peanut butter of superpowers with the chocolate of teen drama. Fight badguys, go to prom, discover terrible conspiracies, contemplate coming out of the closet to your closest friends (who might be, say, an alien and a robot).

I was a contributor to this project.

Out of Print

Sadly, Smallville Roleplaying is no longer available through retail channels. The game can be reconstituted under the new Cortex Prime rules.

Watchtower Report

This sourcebook includes a lot of the rules options that didn't make it into the core Smallville Roleplaying book, including running secret agents and... kids with elemental-based superpowers they key into via kung fu, let's say. It's a little kitchen sinky, but there's lots of fun tools and toys.

Unfortunately, it's...

Out of Print

Sadly, Watchtower Report and Smallville Roleplaying are no longer available through retail channels. The game can be reconstituted under the new Cortex Prime rules.