Each season, you may offer each of your populations your guidance. This is an action that you may direct the population to undertake. If you give a population something to do this season, they will not take action on their own initiative--that may mean they stay out of trouble, but it may also mean they lose an opportunity to do something notable.

As a vision of the future, you only have so much power to guide your sometimes unruly populations. This power is measured in Guidance Points. Each season you have 100 points. Each time you give Guidance to a population, it costs you points. The less a population wants to do what you are Guiding them to do, the more guidance points it will cost you.

You may not be able to give Guidance to every population every season. Some seasons, you may only be able to give one population Guidance before running out of points.

You may also move resources between your populations and their local stockpile. While this costs you guidance points, it does not preclude the population from taking its own initiative this season.