I have a Google Alert for Full Light, Full Steam that I set up, like, years ago, when there weren't any mentions and I shortly forgot that it even existed. Then it started sending me notifications that my game is being talked about (which is, by the way, really fucking weird), the most recent of which was Qien Es Mas Macho at the 20x20 Room. Generally I don't read 20x20 because (a) it's D&D-centric and I've played exactly one session of D&D in my life, but more puissantly, (b) the discussions are like what I imagine the European Parliament are like -- everybody speaking a slightly different language, and barely communicating with each other. This thread is a prime example, with folks defending at least three different iterations of Forge theory as if they were all the same, and a lot of non-Forgies criticizing what gets put out there as "What the Forge Says".

Anyway, somebody mentioned Full Light, Full Steam pretty tangentially as a short-term game with little replay value. As I really don't want to tangent that discussion any more than it already is, I thought I'd throw up a short post here.

You can totally play Full Light, Full Steam as a short-ass one-shot game, going through one Situation and then playing, I dunno, Mountain Witch on the next Game Nite. The game will work; there are little sidebars that give tips on how to shift a few things around so that the one-shot works better. I hadn't thought of it in such terms, but I suppose this would help out Con games, too.

You can also play FLFS as a medium or long term game, putting your characters through three, ten, twenty different Situations over the course of howeverlong you want to play. Each Situation should play out in a session or two to create rather episodic play, but you can, a la Buffy, play through lots and lots of those situations. The character advancement system is scalable (I stole from Clinton even before I read Shadow of Yesterday, apparently) so your power-creep can be managed. The longer-ranged games are also probably a little more interesting if you enable the Troupe Play rules so that everybody is playing a handful of people, but that's probably my bias showing through.

Now mind, personally I prefer the mid-range in terms of campaign length. I just don't get why you'd want to stick with the same characters and story for years on end. I also have no idea how people are able to arrange such long-standing commitments with their social calendars. I doubt the Next Game will have the same kind of support for long-ass games as FLFS does, because I won't be working off the same "standard assumptions" about how an RPG is supposed to be constituted. For the nonce, however, FLFS should be able to support both.

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Oh perfect! I've fallen into

Oh perfect! I've fallen into an alternate world where instead of everyone making ignorant criticisms of the Forge they make it about 20x20 Room instead. "They're D&D-centric" = "The Forge people just talk about gaming rather than game." (20x20 isn't remotely D&D-centric. At least Forge people actually do talk about gaming, though obviously they game twice.) "It's like the European parliament" is like the various "The Forge isn't what I'D like an RPG bulletin board to be like." (We're a flipping GROUP BLOG. Of COURSE there's a diversity of voices, esp in the comments section where anyone may post. That said, people like Neel and Ginger and I understand each other just fine, thank you. People as divergent as Mark Woodhouse and I can interact productively. 20x20 is SUPPOSED to be a crossroads of diverse voices and gaming languages. The one requirement we impose, and this is different from certain sites in the Forge diaspora, is that people take responsibility for their own words rather than throwing loaded language around and putting the responsibility for any negative reaction off on the listener.)

Most hilarious of all is your 180-degree misreading of the brief mention of FLFS. I quote the actual mention: "Of games that are in development now that strike me as being at least high in potential for long-term play: Joshua BishopRoby's Full Light, Full Steam and Matt Wilson's Galactic both look to have leanings in that direction.," by commenter Thomas Robertson, not an actual 20x20 member but a fine, and Forge-friendly fellow.

That's it. That's all anyone says about FLFS - that it seems like it DOES support long-term play. Which you interpret as someone saying that "somebody mentioned Full Light, Full Steam pretty tangentially as a short-term game with little replay value." Maybe you should ask the Parliament to provide you with an interpreter alive to these subtle distinctions.

So, someone gets in a snit because he blatantly misinterprets something someone says about something he cares about and abreacts by slamming the enitre website. Where have we seen THAT before?

Oh, you're shitting me, I

Oh, you're shitting me, I read that wrong? Crap. I think I read "at least high in potential" as "the least high in potential." Man, I feel like a boob, now.

As for 20x20 room, dude, I'm just talking about my preferences. You guys don't talk about the kind of gaming I'm interested in, pure and simple. The articles are good and well thought out, but after I read a well thought out article, I want to discuss it, and I find that very difficult given the regular comment-posters that frequent 20x20. The discussions that happen in comments I find rather confused by lots of people using lots of different languages and bringing in lots of different unexplored assumptions. If that plurality of voices and backgrounds is what you're trying to get, sounds like you're right on target. It's just not my bag.

I'm not trying to slam your site, I'm just explaining why I don't read it regularly. I like the fact that there are sites out there for people to discuss their interests that I don't share. I don't read websites about tricking out your street racer car, either.

Josh, thanks for your

Josh, thanks for your response. I totally flew off the handle and I appreciate your not responding in kind. Ironically, I've been pretty interested in the development of FLFS.

We really aren't D&D-centric, though. ;)

No problem. Reading my

No problem. Reading my opening paragraph, I can easily see how it could be misconstrued.

As to your D&D-centrism, I may be talking out of my ass. But man, your name is 20x20 Room! ;)

I never did like that name.

I never did like that name. All the GOOD rooms are at least 20x30.

That's, um, 7 x 10 in Foreign . . .

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