I went looking on the Internet for a list of adjectives to describe skin tones. I was thoroughly defeated. So I put this together, trying to avoid those with the worst connotations (although see note). These aren’t ethnology or sociology terms, but descriptive words. The color splotches aren’t intended as definitive (actual skin is beautifully textured and marbled, with lots of color differentiation) but as sort of bookmarks to get us non-art-students in the right vicinity.

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The second image doesn't seem

The second image doesn't seem to be linked properly. I get an error ("The requested page could not be found") when I try to click through.

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Ah ha. Fixed! Thanks for

Ah ha. Fixed! Thanks for the catch!


found the same problem you did - I really appreciate that you took the time to make this and then made it available!

Awesome work

Thanks a lot for making this infographic. I love you

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