A month or more ago, a poster at RPGnet asked the inevitable and fateful question: "Can Smallville do Star Wars?" I had an almost religious revelation at the question, and immediately started thinking about how to implement it. Strategicon: Gateway was coming up, so I resolved to run a "Jediville" game there.

To prepare, I had to write a few new traits and do up a Pathways chart. I like what I came up with — it seemed serviceable — and liked even more the episode that I built with it, The Treasure of Hoth. You can check out all three documents by clicking the links below:

Jediville Pathways ChartJediville Traits (unfinished) • The Treasure of Hoth, a six-Lead episode ready for play

If you want to play in the game at the upcoming con, you probably don't want to read the episode. There are spoilers in there!

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Yay! I loooove Star Wars and

Yay! I loooove Star Wars and despite a rocky start to understanding Smallville RPG I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of your conversion notes!

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