Dear Blizzard Support:

I just had the, ah, "pleasure" of being matched up with a player whose username was Klitorectomy, which is rather obviously a mispelling of clitorectomy, or female genital mutilation. If you aren't aware of what clitorectomy is, there is a succinct overview here: and here:

When I told him that his username disgusted me, he answered with "it's only a game" and then "what are you, Jewish?" When I asked him if he intentionally chose female genital mutilation as a name, he stated that when he chose the name, he thought he'd be able to change it.

I have the game Replay saved, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the file and attach it here. If you can reach into my account and access it, I've saved it as "Vs Klitorectomy." If you don't see my file names, it is the game on Oct 8th, 8:16am.

Female genital mutilation is a terrible and oppressive practice inflicted on the least capable of defending themselves. It's not anything that need appear in a video game, let alone the wider world. I'm sure Blizzard does not want this sort of thing happening on their games, and I hope it will be dealt with quickly.

Thank you.


I would also like to note that, while I was chatting with this creep, getting the details and insults above, I totally kicked his ass with a handful of Dark Templar. —Josh

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What league are you in?

What league are you in?

Eight games left in Practice

Eight games left in Practice League. I'm not skipping because I want to hone my skillz.

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