With just over a half hour to spare, the November installment of Rooksbridge, Where There Is Smoke, was actually published in November. Well, the digital edition was, at least. I'll be recording the audiobook and getting the physical chapbooks printed in the next couple weeks, and of course trying to get the December episode written, recorded, and printed as well. One of these days, I swear, I will get everything caught back up. Right now, I'm taking satisfaction in just getting the damn thing up on the site in the right month.

I wrote last month that its chapbook, Ravens, Rooks, and Crows, finally got all the pieces together. That meant this month was the first stride forward with all the bits and pieces. And silly me, I didn't really realize what that meant, and how it would subtly change how the whole process works. In this chapbook, I had to make a significant-to-me shift from introducing, introducing, introducing new content and into reincorporating and recontextualizing. Which is all stuff I love; in fact it's what I've been waiting to get to for months, now. I just didn't bargain on what a different headspace I need to be in when writing continuing episodes of what is becoming an established setting.

Now, hopefully all of that doesn't show in the story! In this installment, the Bramwood court get an unexpected visitor in the form of Eduard Camwright, half-drowned and unconscious, washed up on the bank of the Fosse. Clapped in irons immediately, of course, but then the question becomes: what do they do with him, now that they've got him? And of course there are additional wrinkles from there, including old lovers and bloodthirsty shock troops. It would be nice if everything wrapped up in a tidy little conclusion, but that's never really been how things happen in Rooksbridge.

Order the digital edition of Where There Is Smoke today!

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