Early playtest feedback has been giving me a lot of good stuff to consider and mull over. One thing that I've been hearing a few times over, though, is a desire for a one-page cheat sheet for play procedures, which I can totally understand. Agora is a complex game, and the big picture of the beast would be a handy thing to have.

I took the six core procedures that players will encounter in a given turn and wrote quick bullet-point summaries of them. Then, with a little ghetto-hypertexting via text color, I came up with the following Agora Turn Guide:

At some point I'll make an Incident Guide that handles Creating Incidents, Audience options, Burnout, and Fallout — but it's my impression those aren't critical right now, whereas the turn flow certainly is. The Turn Guide is in the playtest package, as well.

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I am so damned happy that you

I am so damned happy that you have "sell the other player's action" in the doc.

Dude, it's going in the book.

Dude, it's going in the book. "What happens after a failed counter" has been a hole in the design for a while. Selling the first player's action is exactly what needs to go in there.

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