So the game-after-this-one, the game that is gobbling up design-brainspace as Agora is retreating to the land of playtest-and-publish, is presently called Secret Project Bloodfire. It's at that annoying stage where I have lots of pieces (lots of pieces) but not quite enough for it all to gel together. But I'm getting all hella excited about it, such that I'm getting rather impatient that I can't get it written down and playable yet.

Here's the thing that I like most about it right now: it doesn't try to emulate a kind of novel or movie. The indie crowd has got a lot of mileage out of using the forms and templates from other media; it's produced a lot of fantastic games, and it's been a powerful learning experience for the designers. I'm excited, though, to try stepping away from an established framework and seeing what shape an RPG can take when it's not aping something else.

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