It feels like I just finished a playtest. Oh, that's because I just did.

Now that FLFS is going into edits-n-art, Agora is jumping up and down like an unruly younger brother demanding attention. I've put things together into a legible and quite possibly playable format, and posted it up for interested parties to download. Details can be found on the Agora Playtest page.

The official playtest window is now through June 30th, and I am quite merrily putting participants on a playtester's byline in the finished product. The materials are freely downloadable, and if you want to take a look-see, you are of course under no obligation to do anything other than, you know, tell everyone you know how awesome the game is.

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The playtest files seem to be

The playtest files seem to be corrupt. I can't open them, and the file sizes on my drive are ~340 bytes, far too small for a real file.

Stupid broken link. That's

Stupid broken link. That's what I get for setting things up at one in the morning.

Should be fixed, now.

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